Saturday, 24 March 2012

Collection Update : At an end !

As the title says and so sad it may seem, I have decided to stop collecting Codemasters titles for the Commodore 64. Most of my efforts and energies have gone into and still are, with the Mastertronic collection.

So, here is the deal : the first person to contact me via message through this blog or facebook etc, can can have all what I have collected so far, all for the cost of postage. It would be nice for the titles to go to a collector as well.

Codemasters ::

BMX Simulator
Red Max
Arcade Flight Simulator
Pro Skateboard Simulator
BMX Freestyle
Pro Ski Simulator
Pro Boxing Simulator
4 Soccer Simulators
Dizzy: Fantasy World
Frankenstein Jnr.
Miami Chase          

I will post to this blog one last time after the lucky person chosen has contacted me with a downloadable list of games that would be needed for the 100 or so titles.

Thanks to all those that have followed my blog so far !

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Batch 5 : Lets go to Miami and visit Frankie !

I hadn't forgotten about it, I was just getting around to it. Bah ! Enough excuses and onto two additions. A nice cartoony arcade adventure and something similar to Miami Vice ?
Frankenstein Jnr. is jolly colourful game with some short, if a little repetitive, well heard music. The game is part of Codemasters " Cartoon Time " range, which were styled, ironically just like cartoons. Miami Chase is great game with really cool graphics and music, but I found the control mechanism a little bit difficult to master at times. When playing it, I did get the feel for the Ocean version of Miami Vice.

Codemasters ::
Frankenstein Jnr. and Miami Chase.

Total collected so far ... 14 out of 100 !

Until the next batch ...

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Batch 4 : Dizzy and on the cheap !

What a bargain ! I am dizzy with pleasure ! Being that anything connected with Dizzy maybe a nice little earner or people will be taking advantage of the fact that it's making a comeback. I bet the Oliver Twins never thought it to be possible, a loved game character from the late 1980's, earlier 1990's would be hitting the scene again.
What makes this addition so special, it only cost me one pound and a penny for both the game and postage / packing. No bad, perhaps not as good as it being free, but still worth it.

Codemasters ::
Dizzy : Fantasy World

Hopefully over the next few months the Codemasters collection will continue to grow and any Dizzy titles will be easily obtained and not radically priced by over zealous sellers. We've seen it all before haven't we ?