Sunday, 26 February 2012

Batch 5 : Lets go to Miami and visit Frankie !

I hadn't forgotten about it, I was just getting around to it. Bah ! Enough excuses and onto two additions. A nice cartoony arcade adventure and something similar to Miami Vice ?
Frankenstein Jnr. is jolly colourful game with some short, if a little repetitive, well heard music. The game is part of Codemasters " Cartoon Time " range, which were styled, ironically just like cartoons. Miami Chase is great game with really cool graphics and music, but I found the control mechanism a little bit difficult to master at times. When playing it, I did get the feel for the Ocean version of Miami Vice.

Codemasters ::
Frankenstein Jnr. and Miami Chase.

Total collected so far ... 14 out of 100 !

Until the next batch ...