Sunday, 27 November 2011

Batch 01 - A Trip to Virgin Megastore ...

All Things Codemasters ! A sort of tenious link to the - " All Things Mastertronic Blog ", with some of the earlier titles that David and Richard Darling created. In the begining with the likes of BMX Racers and Magic Carpet. However, this blog will be dedicated to a mission with collecting all the Commodore 64 Titles by Codemasters and by chance we have two, to start off with.
BMX Simulator was my first Codemasters purchase from Virgin Megastore in Oxford, way back in mid-to-late 1980's. Not only did it have a cracking tune by none other than David Whittaker, but it also had some really cool graphics and it was themed around BMX Racing. I played this game for hours on end and it had the additional option so a friend could compete with you either on Keyboard or Joystick. The game was also designed by Richard Darling.

Red Max was a later purchase with the same passion of playing it, as The Last V8, which ia ironically by David Darling. Again, the game is accompanied by a great David Whittaker tune.

So, a journey onward with a smaller volume to gather, I esitimated around 100 ? This is considerably less than the Mastertronic label and of course, it will be a case of checking a list getting whats not on it. Simple really !

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