Sunday, 11 December 2011

Batch 2 : Creations ... Where it all started !

We all remember the earlier games from Mastertronic, the ones specifically designed by David and Richard Darling. There seemed to be only one level, that would seem to get faster and faster when you moved onto the next level ? Yes ! I did say that !

I bet some of you wondered how they managed to create so many games and in such a short time. Well, one answer would be and in this case, a Game Maker Utility. All of the elements that form a game, Sprites, Objects, Backgrounds and Sounds. With all this onboard and standalone feature enabled, many a project could be created. Nowadays, most modern game making programs are more flexible and powerful. For example : GameMaker by YoYo Games and Construc by Scirra.

Creations or The Games Creator ( first released by Mirrorsoft ) is, despite it's limitations a good way to learn how a game is made and works. The Commodore 64 also had the Shoot'em up Construction Kit by Outlaw ( Published by Palace Software ), which was limited to Shoot'em ups.

Despite any misgivings to the use of programs that defer the use of real programming, it does at least one simple thing, it promotes creativity ! Its the one thing we all need for our ideas to flourish.

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