Saturday, 24 December 2011

Batch 3 : Simulate this !

Let's simulate ourselves into a frenzy ! This is one thing that I love about Codemasters, they had the passion to do a simulator for almost any type of genre or thing. However, I never saw a cooking one. Perhaps a Gordon Ramsey simulator would have been fun ? Having a good curse or two would of cost you points and mastering your dishes with extreme passion could well rack up some big bonuses.
This fun batch has a shoot'em up, a platformer and a few sporting ones. Including one called, 4 Soccer Simulators. A nice collection, but a number, if not all the games use the music from Professional BMX Simulator by Matt Gray. That last time I remember this happening with a game, was when Ocean used the music from Comic Bakery by Martin Galway in the game Top Gun. Shocking really ! 

Codemasters ::
4 Soccer Simulators, Arcade Flight Simulator, Bigfoot, BMX Freestyle, Cosmonut, Professional Boxing Simulator, Professional Skateboard Simulator and Professional Ski Simulator.

This batch adds to the total of ... 11 ! So, there is around 90'ish to go. I wonder if 2012 will bring the collection to a completed state ? Let's see !

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